About Me

As a journalist, I have worked in TV, public radio and print.  What I like about being a reporter is that I can explore what I’m interested in and get paid to find the answers to questions that I’m naturally curious about. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to interview people from all walks of life from celebrities to incarcerated youth to politicians including a former governor.  I’ve met the most extraordinary people and have learned something from each one.

Me with kids in Bac Kan province in Vietnam during Project Vietnam’s medical mission in March 2011.

Outside of work, I like bringing people together and doing community service.  I have served on the board of my neighborhood association, Country Club Park Neighborhood Association, for which I plan our annual holiday party every December. since 2006.  I became a board member of the Olympic Park Neighborhood Council in September 2013.

Lizzy, me and Milo

I am also involved with the Project Vietnam Foundation, which provides healthcare to under served provinces in my homeland.

Me with some women, who are waiting for medical treatment from the Project Vietnam Foundation’s mission in Bac Kan province in March 2011.

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